First of all I can’t thank you enough Vinita for being such a wonderful friend, guide, my confidant, my dietician, more like a member of my family.

My journey started with her almost a year and a half back and she has stood by me through thick and thin. I contacted her when I was expecting but had type two diabetes and I was on heavy medication. My doctor was very concerned about the sugar levels and the well being of the baby. Unfortunately I didn’t go far. Vinita assured me that she will help me with the process of not only loosing weight but, with the goal of bringing down my sugar levels during conception to the delivery and keeping the levels stable post that.

I restarted with the diet program in Jan 2017 and lost over 12 kgs by the time I got pregnant in June . Vinita made sure I had a very balanced diet as she was preparing me to support my pregnancy with my sugar levels under control, so my diet wasn’t strict and still managed to loose weight. Trust me I haven’t eaten sooo much in the past 10 years or more, so the myth of “dieting equates to starving” is an absolute lie.

In 2016 when I was diagnosed with Type -2 diabetes my HBA1C levels were 12.7, when I got pregnant in June 2017 my levels were 5.1. A Big thanks to Vinita for not only helping me achieve this but maintain it throughout my pregnancy. Infact the HBA1C levels went further down to 4.9 in this period. Now I am consulting Vinita to help me attain my weight goal post pregnancy and continue with a healthy lifestyle.

I would recommend Vinita to anyone who wants to switch to a healthy lifestyle, reverse Type-2 Diabetes and loose weight.

Thank you once again Vinita for everything.