I went to Vinita aunty last summer because I had started gaining a lot of unnecessary weight due to an extremely unhealthy diet. Being a complete foodie, it was very hard to resist going out and consuming hundreds and hundreds of calories while eating and drinking. But after a point, I realized that I had gained about 7-8 kgs! It wasn’t a lot, but I started looking chubbier and wearing slightly bigger sizes – which I wasn’t too happy about.

I joined Balance and gave myself a month to shed off all that fat. It took me a month and half of no meat, a reasonably strict diet, exercise and of course less drinking and Voila! I was back to my regular size. Not only did I lose all the weight but I also started looking fresher, I felt more energized and I had so much knowledge about food, exercise and various kinds of nutritional/health related topics.

It’s been a year since then and I’d like to say that have still maintained my weight. I don’t exercise anymore (I’m sure if I did, I’d be a lot fitter) but I am quite careful about what I eat and how to portion control my food. I know exactly what’s good for my body and what’s not and I know how to maintain a healthy balance. I highly recommend Balance – especially to people in their late teens-20’s because I feel that it’s easy to waver and adapt some very unhealthy habits but it’s also relatively easy to try and get back on track as opposed to continuing an unhealthy lifestyle and waiting till you’re older to change your habits. It takes dedication but it’s not impossible.

Archana Advani

Sharjah – July 23rd, 2015