“Last year I was going through a phase where I was putting on weight despite regular exercise due to hormonal imbalance. I was fed up of visits to dietitians when I got introduced to Vinita Vaswani through a friend in Dubai, who called her a ‘Food Guru’ which at that point in time I thought was another marketing name! Not totally convinced, yet I decided to make one phone call to the lady. And well that ONE call did the trick!

Vinita’s soft voice and words of care and concern just made me believe in her completely. I signed up for her program and am I not glad I did that!??? In a period of 3-4 months Vinita helped me lose the weight I had put on by making me eat almost double of what I otherwise used to! Infact there were times I could not go through the entire day’s list of things to eat and I would be nervous reporting back to her. She taught me eating habits that I will always be grateful to her for.

Thanks to her, my digestive track feels good even today when I am not on her program from the past couple of months. So, rightly Vinita deserves to be called a ‘Food Guru ‘ because she teaches us to eat food to lose or maintain weight. A big thank you to my friend for bringing Vinita into my life whom I would like to be connected to for a long time ahead.

Amita Malik

Delhi – June 3rd, 2016