Being a teenager in today’s world is quite difficult. Living in a metropolitan city gives us the privilege of having food from different cuisines. And we being the adventurous youth of today don’t shy away from taking this opportunity. But what we fail to understand is that having such food regularly does have it’s side effects too. Gaining weight from this life style is only the beginning of all the problems that you can face. As our weight increases, we face a lot of physical and psychological obstacles. The fat that accumulates within our body can lead to severe heart complications. Obesity and diabetes are other common issues we can face. But from all this, a teenager will definitely take a lot of stress.

In today’s world when you can’t fit into a certain type of clothing, you are looked down upon at. Teenagers start to loose confidence within themselves and the spark of life within them is lost too. So I, being someone who has personally faced most of these challenges just want to let you guys know, living healthy and exercising can last you a long way. Yes, in the beginning you feel it’s the toughest thing to do, but trust me when I say this, all the hard work pays off and you will look slimmer, better and will have a radiance of your own. The sense of confidence you get after that will motivate you to continue with this life style ! Plus, wouldn’t it be nice if we could walk straight without a stick even at the age of 75 ?

So friends, all I can say is.. IT IS POSSIBLE ! YOU CAN DO IT TOO !”

Akshita Mathur

Dubai – November 29th, 2015